PyCon 2008 was a Success!

Bruce Eckel via comp.lang.python

What was supremely frustrating was discovering that the people wanting to give REAL lightning talks had been pushed off the end of the list by this guarantee to vendors. We didn’t get to see the good stuff, the real stuff, because that time had been sold.

As one of those whose lightning talk (in the first Saturday slot) was bounced out a day , I can understand Bruce’s lightning talk comments, but I’m concerned that his message will become a lightning rod for negativity, and possibly drown out the positives.

This was my first PyCon, and I’m definitely going back.

Overall, PyCon 2008 was extremely well run, and sessions have been timed with military precision. Sure, there were a few rough spots, but only a few.

I think PyCon 2008 was a huge success. For a volunteer led community conference, that’s an amazing achievement. I congratulate David Goodger, ChiPy, and the entire PyCon 2008 team for their efforts.

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