Driving self-service analytics with SnapLogic and Workday Prism Analytics

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According to Gartner, “the analytics and business intelligence (BI) software market growth doubled to 11.5 percent in 2017, which is above the overall enterprise software market growth (about 10 percent).” Gartner also states that “modern BI platforms represent the highest-growing segment at 30 percent.” This growth indicates that organizations are keen on empowering their teams to meet analytical needs with self-service solutions, including data discovery, interactive visualization, and data preparation tools. These same organizations, however, have faced a major challenge in bringing data together from various sources and obtain a 360-degree view of their data.

Workday Prism Analytics solves this data challenge with self-service analytics that enables organizations with a holistic view of their data. Organizations that already have HR and finance-related information in their Workday platform can be readily analyzed in Workday Prism Analytics. You can also bring in data from CRM, ERP and other third-party systems to obtain a complete 360-degree view of their business.

SnapLogic enables customers to seamlessly integrate and bring data from various sources into Workday Prism Analytics. It also empowers organizations to analyze new data sources along with their Workday people and financial information, providing 360-degree insights.

SnapLogic Workday Prism Bulk Load Snap

With the new SnapLogic Workday Prism Bulk Load Snap, you can now ingest large datasets quickly into Workday Prism Analytics from different applications and data sources. You don’t have to worry about which APIs to call in Workday Prism Analytics as these complexities are abstracted through a simple, easy to use interface. With a simple drag-and-drop approach, you can quickly enable integrations with Workday Prism Analytics from 450+ SnapLogic Snaps powered by the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform to derive useful business insights.

By moving datasets into Workday Prism Analytics, SnapLogic empowers you to make fully informed decisions, such as:

  • Gaining a 360-view of people by identifying and retaining top talent
  • Forecasting lead flow and revenue to improve financial planning/reporting
  • Enabling digital transformation and cloud initiatives by moving data from on-premises to the cloud

Use case: Increase sales revenue opportunities

Organizations that use Workday Prism Analytics can easily identify quality leads and increase sales revenue opportunities by creating SnapLogic integration pipelines as shown below.

 Workday Prism Analytics pipeline

You can use the Workday Prism Snap to ingest customer leads from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Workday Prism Analytics. Certain fields (metadata) can be filtered using a JSON Generator and the Mapper Snap (part of the Transform Snap Pack) as the second input. Financial information stored in Workday can also be ingested into Workday Prism Analytics with another simple integration pipeline.

These datasets can then be analyzed and transformed in Workday Prism Analytics to provide accurate sales forecasting and planning.

How to design Workday Prism pipelines

To design pipelines, you simply need to provide Account configuration details in the Workday Prism Snap to connect and authenticate to the system. Once connected and authenticated, you can configure simple settings by providing a dataset name or create a new one, and start analyzing the filtered data coming from Dynamics CRM, Workday, and other sources. Workday Prism Bulk Load Snap also provides connection retry options in case there are any network failures.

Workday Prism Bulk Load SnapLogic Settings

SnapLogic offers the Workday Prism Snap Pack and over 450 additional Snaps, empowering various people in the organization with the right data and self-service approach, so they can focus on the right opportunities and increase sales revenue opportunities. SnapLogic also enables customers to seamlessly integrate various applications data (CRM, Workday HCM, financials, and others) providing insightful data to key businesses so they can make fully informed decisions. To learn more, watch the Workday Prism Snap Pack video.

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