SnapLogic 2.0.5 has been released

Our blog has been quiet lately, but that’s because all the action has been in subversion, resulting in the SnapLogic 2.0.5 release, which is now available for download.

SnapLogic 2.0.5 includes a substantial set of improvements, fixes, and new functionality. We’ve added six new components in this release:

We also created a set of new database specific connection components, which use native terminology for connection properties instead of opaque connection strings.

On the SnapLogic designer side, view and field linking have been improved, and we added a view copy wizard to simplify view creation. SnapLogic 2.0.5 also includes a bunch of general designer improvements.

A large part of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in this release has been in the area of upgrade support. The Component API has been updated so components can update resource definitions from a prior release, providing a forward migration

In parallel with this release, we have also released a new NetSuite extension. The NetSuite extension includes predefined SnapLogic resources for all all the objects in NetSuite, using the same automatic customization techniques we used in our previous and SugarCRM extensions. Both of those extensions have also been updated.

The SnapLogic 2.0.5 release is available for Linux and Windows, as well as Amazon Web Services and VMWare.

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