SnapLogic 2.1 Enhancements

SnapLogic 2.1 is now available as a Beta release, and we encourage everyone to download and test it out.

The most visible change in this release is a complete reorganization of the SnapLogic Designer, to improve navigation and editing of transformation resources and pipelines, The new implementation uses a tree control that improved navigation for larger repositories, and an improved search capability. The available editing area is now much larger, and the pipeline canvas now supports ‘snap to grid’ capability.

Behind the scenes, there are quite a few improvements as well. We have enhanced the change detection in the server and designer, to simplify development and maintenance. When changes are made, the Designer now highlights the affected transformation resources in any affected pipelines, and allows viewing or automatic application of the changes to the pipeline.

The change detection is intelligent, and will only highlight relevant differences in view, parameter, and pass through settings. A popup provides detailed information about the changes, and allows the changes to be automatically applied to the affected pipeline.

Other improvements include help links from the general properties page directly to the documentation, support for duplicating transformation resources across servers, better management of multiple servers and runtime statistics directly in the Designer.

As always, the installer images for Linux and Windows make installation painless, and take care of all the dependencies. The, NetSuite, and SugarCRM extensions have all been updated for 2.1 compatibility, and the Windows version now runs as a full windows service.

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