SnapLogic Delivers Predictable Pricing

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Last updated July 17, 2024
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Flexible packaging – unlimited data

There’s always an interest in how SnapLogic prices its app and data integration products and how we compare to other integration platforms.

In short, we price our products according to the package you select and the configuration that you want. For these packages, we don’t charge by consumption of data. At any price you pay, the amount of data that can flow through our product is unlimited! In fact, we’ve been enabling unlimited data ingestion and processing for a number of years now.

Pricing a SnapLogic solution

SnapLogic prices according to the size and configuration of the package, including the particular Snaps, prebuilt connectors, that you add to your configuration. The amount of data that passes through your SnapLogic environment doesn’t matter. If you initially load one gigabyte of data or 100 terabytes of data, package pricing that you pay remains the same. 

After the initial load, the amount of data that subsequently passes through SnapLogic via incremental changes and updates, has no bearing on pricing. 

SnapLogic core Snaps

Snaps are priced according to the nature of the Snap. We have Snaps that are free of charge and part of the core system and are included with every purchase. These core Snaps include database connectors, transformation functions, binary data manipulation, select Snap Packs (a collection of Snaps), and other useful functions. Examples of core Snaps, included in base packaging, are as follows:

  • Database Snaps (e.g., Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, Postgres, Snowflake, and others) with full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) capabilities
  • Transformation Snaps
  • Binary Snaps 

SnapLogic premium Snaps

We do charge for certain Snap Packs. These are referred to as our premium snaps. There are two levels of premium Snaps–Tier One (+$45K USD) and Tier Two (+$15K USD). Typically, Tier One Snap Packs or a collection of functions customized for specific Enterprise applications such as Workday, NetSuite, etc.  

Configuration-based pricing

As mentioned, SnapLogic packages are highly configurable. Much like premium, a la carte options you add when purchasing a car, SnapLogic provides premium, a la carte options to add capabilities to your SnapLogic package. Examples of premium configuration options include:

  • Larger processing nodes (with larger memory and disk capacities)
  • Ultra-Pipelines (for near real-time data pipeline execution and monitoring)
  • Resumable-Pipelines (enables SnapLogic to recover a data pipeline in motion at the point of failure, rather than restarting the transmission) 
  • ELT Snap Pack (enables pushdown optimization and transformation to a cloud data warehouse such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or Amazon Redshift)
  • Orgs (our logical domains, configurable up to 100 domains, each with independent access and control)

SnapLogic Orgs

A unique element of a configurable SnapLogic platform are SnapLogic Orgs. SnapLogic Orgs are essentially logical domains. Our SnapLogic Business package comes standard with one Org, and it is upgradable to additional Orgs.

Our SnapLogic Enterprise package comes standard with three Orgs, configured as one production Org and two sandbox Orgs. Optionally, additional production or sandbox Orgs are available to purchase to meet your distributed processing needs. The beauty is, once logged in, an individual has access to all logical Orgs that have authorized access permissions to, all from within the same SnapLogic browser experience.

If you are contemplating multiple business domains, data fabric-style, SnapLogic Orgs are for you.

For example, if you wish to decentralize data integrations and have different business units own their own domains, a la data mesh type, SnapLogic Orgs is your answer. Engineering can have an Org. Finance can have an Org. Quality assurance and testing can have an Org. Your sales engineers can have an Org. You get the idea.

Each Org can be parceled into folders. This is similar to creating folders and directories on your laptop disk drive. Configure as many folders as you like within an Org at no additional change.  There’s no additional charge for the number of folders that you can have with an Org, a domain.

Predictable pricing

Because we do not implement consumption-oriented pricing for our traditional packages, the price you pay is predictable and easy to budget. 

An area where we have a form of variable pricing is with our API processing. Each standard SnapLogic package can process up to 10,000 API calls with base pricing. If you wish to exceed that amount of API processing, then additional processing is available for $10,000. There is no consumption pricing related to the amount of data processed with an API call, it remains unlimited.

This remains predictable pricing, but has a dimension of capacity planning. In this case, plan for your expected API call activity. 

Contact us!

We are happy to answer your questions about how we price our solutions to deliver maximum value for every customer. For more information on SnapLogic’s predictable pricing, contact us.

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SnapLogic Delivers Predictable Pricing

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