SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform May 2014 Update

The May 2014 update to the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform is in pre-release. Here is a summary of the enhancements all customers will see when we upgrade to production next week.

Dashboard Updates

Functionality has been expanded in SnapLogic Dashboard to enhance overall monitoring capabilities. The Health wall now gives you access to a Snaplex Health wall and a Pipeline Health wall. On the Snaplex Health wall you can see detailed information about the state of your Snaplexes, including the number of pipelines in the last 24 hours and the state of the associated Snaplex nodes.


The Pipeline Health Wall shows you the run history of your pipelines.


Manager Updates

In SnapLogic Manager, we’ve streamlined some of our processes to improve productivity usability.

  • We’ve combined the ability to create a new user and add an existing user to your org into one dialog. You enter the email address for the user and SnapLogic Manager will determine if  the user already exists in the system or not.
  • When a new user is created, they are automatically provisioned with their own project.
  • You can now move pipelines between projects.
  • Account JDBC drivers for Oracle and SQL Server are now bundled with the cloud integration platform.

Designer Updates

In SnapLogic Designer, we’ve implemented a property value editor for certain fields. This gives you quick access to functions and property values.


You can then click the icon within the list to expand the editor to open the Expression builder, giving you more room to work.


Platform Feature Updates

Some additional features we have added include:

  • UI Timeout: after one hour of UI inactivity, you will be logged out and need to log back in.
  • The eval() JavaScript function was implemented in the expression language.


Updates have been made to the following application Snap Packs:

The following new Snaps have been added:

  • CSV Generator
  • XML Generator
  • Sequence
  • Constant
  • Script

For the complete list of updates in the May 2014 release, be sure to check out the Release Notes.

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