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Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, GE, and Netflix – have all been through it. In the case of Netflix, they’ve been through it twice. And both IBM and GE have been through it before and are now trying to do it again. The “it” I’m talking about is the fundamental transformation of business models that built each of these companies. But as we’ve all seen, successful outcomes are never a guarantee of lasting success – just look at Blockbuster.

Corporate reinvention has taken on many different flavors over the years and in most boardrooms today, it’s about all things digital. The one common thread amongst all of these digital projects? Integration. Digital integration projects may not be headline-grabbing events as compared to Netflix’s move into streaming original content or Microsoft’s transformation into a full-blown cloud juggernaut, but you can bet that integration probably played a role in these corporate business shifts.

Business-friendly self-service integration

Digital integration is all about connecting and accelerating data and process flow across enterprise applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams, and increasingly, IoT. Now to do this across both on-prem and cloud environments is no easy task in itself. But to create a business-friendly solution centered around self-service is a completely different ballgame and what SnapLogic has essentially achieved.

We enable data-savvy users to connect applications and data across organizations through our “click-not-code” approach to integration, which allows the enterprise to improve business processes, accelerate decision-making, and drive better business outcomes.

By removing the need for developer-driven hand-crafted coding, the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform enables both IT and business users to create and reuse quality, scalable data pipelines that ensure data is put into the hands of the right people at the right time. As is true for any digital initiative, it’s not just our technology that helps our customers succeed. You need knowledge and expertise on how to best deploy it within a given environment.

The key: A solid partner ecosystem

SnapLogic customer success is due in large part to our world-class partner ecosystem – those on the front lines delivering for our customers. They’re helping our clients with mission-critical initiatives such as human capital management transformation projects, migrations to modern cloud data warehouse solutions, M&A events, and Customer 360 projects to name a few. And by staying focused on the end solution and not just the technology, they achieve success. To further accelerate the success of our partner ecosystem, we’ve announced major updates to our current partner program.

Updates to the SnapLogic Partner Connect program include:

  • Training and education: Full curriculum of free sales and technical training to help partners rapidly build pipelines, close deals, and successfully implement SnapLogic’s technology. The number of trained SnapLogic consultants around the world has grown by more than tenfold year-over-year.
  • Aggressive reseller discounts and referral rates: New deal referrals and reseller discounts encourage partner profitability. Additionally, SnapLogic works closely with partners to support efforts to sell and deliver SnapLogic solutions to customers.
  • Solution incentives: Special deal incentives to reward partners who build and go-to-market with repeatable solutions based on SnapLogic and SnapLogic’s technology partners such as Workday, Snowflake, and Reltio.
  • Partner portal: Provides a single destination for updates, deal registration, field assistance requests, collateral access, LMS system access, and discount relief requests.
  • Tiered program structure: Allows technology and implementation partners to customize their investment in SnapLogic and opportunities to grow their business.

We’re genuinely excited about the announcements we’ve made around the Partner Connect Program, and the continued focus on the success of our joint customers that our partners bring to the table. Together, we’re looking forward to working to help our customers solve their most pressing digital transformation challenges of today so they can reinvent themselves digitally and be better prepared for what the future holds.

Want to learn more? Check out our growing list of partners or inquire about becoming a partner today.

Rich Link is VP, Global Channel Sales and Strategic Alliances at SnapLogic.
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