SnapLogic Summer 2017 Release: Automating your processes for greater productivity

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In the Summer 2017 (4.10) release, I am happy to highlight several new and enhanced features on the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform. Through these platform enhancements, we are enabling our users to further automate their processes for greater productivity.

Local Dashboard for Ultra Pipelines

We have added a dashboard that can be accessed at the node level. While all users may leverage this ability for Groundplexes, it is largely significant for those who are running Ultra pipelines. Ultra pipelines run in a low-latency manner and are always running to provide real-time data delivery. The Local Dashboard will now give users visibility into what pipelines are executing during maintenance windows and for any other scenario where a customer may not be able to access the SnapLogic cloud dashboard. This will give users confidence that those pipelines are running as expected.  More details about Ultra pipelines may be found on the blog as well as the documentation site.

Watch the Local Dashboard Demo Here.

Project-Level Migration

Today, users have a varying level of workflows for migrating projects from one environment to another. Some users leverage the Public API for Import and Export where other customers customize their migration using the SnapLogic Metadata Snap. In this release, we are adding support for project-level migration through the UI. This behavior follows the functionality that is available for Import/Export API except it is now available through the UI. This will help users who may be using the Public API or even through a manual UI Import/Export to move projects between organizations.

Watch the Project-Level Migration Demo Here.

Notifications & Alerts

Previously, we added system alerts to notify users of system-related activities, such as pipeline queuing. In this release, we added the ability to set-up email notifications to help users better track and monitor usage of the system. These early warning notifications include the following:

  • User Creation: Be notified whenever a user is added or removed from the platform. This alert allows users to track which stakeholders are collaborating in the platform
  • Password Attempts: If users have gone through multiple password attempts, administrators will be alerted.
  • Concurrent/Max: Keep track of API usage to prioritize high-value projects. Users are alerted if they have passed their API usage.
  • Project Modification: Learn which stakeholders are collaborating and modifying projects in real-time.

Watch the Notifications and Alerts Demo Here.

Public API for Groundplex installation and configuration

Organizations with DevOps teams require higher requirements of data automation. The SnapLogic team continuously adds Public API to help DevOps professionals to further automate during their integration projects. In this release, we have made a notable milestone in the Groundplex API, allowing DevOps teams to fully automate the installation and configuration of a node. With this added capability, DevOps teams can further automate in a repeatable fashion.

For a complete list of features and functionality in our most recent release, please see the Summer 2017 release blog. 

As always, we value our users’ feedback so please share your thoughts and ideas of what you would like to see in future releases.

Partnering together for the future.

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