Summer 2014 Release for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

As previewed earlier this month in Powering the Elastic Enterprise with Summer 2014 Release, we will be updating the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform on July 29th, 2014 for the Summer 2014 Release. The update will occur in the evening PDT and an email will be sent out to customers with details beforehand.

Here are some of the updates you can expect to find in this release:

Data Mapper

Within the Data Snap, the mapping table makes it easier to create and manage large schema mappings. From the ability to search the schemas, the use of drag-and-drop to create the mappings, and visual indicators of what has already been mapped, we’ve provided a user-friendly interface to simplify the data mapping process.


SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) User Authentication

SnapLogic now supports Single Sign On (SSO) through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard to let users log into multiple services without needing to enter their user name and password for each service. 


Dashboard: Insights (BETA)

This new Dashboard panel lets you get statistics on the number of SnapLogic users, pipelines, tasks, data volumes and API calls. Additionally, you get immediate visibility into the number of Snaplexes, files, projects and accounts running in the multi-tenant cloud integration service.


Logging and Debug Enhancements

With the Summer 2014 Release, we’ve added the ability to capture debug traces on pipeline tasks and enabled publishing logs to the cloud for Snaplexes running on Linux.

Snap Developer Community

SnapLogic customers and partners can now log into to get the latest documentation, downloads, tips and tricks and tools needed for Snap development.  Additionally, users can be configured as Snap Developers in Manager.


Additional UI Enhancements

We’ve also focused on additional visual enhancements to make it easier for you to quickly identify what your are working on, including:

  • Indicators for triggered or schedules pipelines in the Dashboard Pipeline Run History
  • Parent/child pipeline hierarchies in the Dashboard Pipeline Run History
  • Indicators for Groudplex or Hadoop-based Snaplex nodes in the Dashboard Snaplex Health
  • Preview added to file selector so you can verify the file you are using.


In the Summer 2014 release, we expanded our Snap list with the following additions:  Concur Snap PackExpensify Snap Pack, JIRA IssueLink, ZipFile Read and Write, Task Execute, and Binary Router. Additionally, we are making several Beta Snaps available, including Swagger, Salesforce Attachment Download, Binary to Document and Document to Binary.

We are also delivering minor updates and fixes for the following Snaps:  NetSuite and Twitter Query.

See the Release Notes for more information on all updates. Please contact your customer success manager or support if you have questions or feedback. Be sure to also check out the recorded webinar for demonstrations of what’s new.

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