The Future is Enterprise Automation – Enterprise Integration Summit, 2021

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The digital era, the new emerging technologies, and the current challenges that the world is facing are forcing modern enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Many of them have already started this value-add transformational process which improves and adds new value to their business and customers every day.

Achieving and maintaining digital transformation success is impossible without enterprise automation. Automation is the first step in going digital, where rote, repetitive, manual processes are automated giving the employees within the enterprise more time to focus on the strategic projects that add value. As this new era of enterprise automation has begun, ⋮IWConnect and SnapLogic have been helping customers integrate, automate, and transform their businesses for a few years now.

Taking into consideration the importance of automation, our partner SnapLogic organized its annual summit on the topic: The Future is Enterprise Automation, where customers, executives, and industry experts discussed the future of the modern enterprise, industry trends, challenges, and best practices, with ⋮IWConnect being a speaker as well. The topic that we covered emphasized the importance of having an integrated supply chain in a digitally transformative world. Our representative, Simona Todoroska talked about the solution that we have provided to one of our clients, a global furniture supplier with more than 300 stores operating in more than 30 countries. Following is a summary of the challenge that the client experienced, the solution that we provided, and the benefits of it.


The client was in need to scale all operational aspects of its manufacturing environment and to simplify the interoperability between the systems for all processes:

  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Lot/warehouse move

Besides this, there were many different business processes with multiple systems being involved in different stages of data processing. Having so many requests happening at the same time meant that they have to be handled and managed properly so that there isn’t any system being blocked and delays in the data processing.

The Solution included implementing the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform to handle all communication between ERP and warehouse systems. More than 30 business processes were implemented to support the entire end-to-end supply chain management system. Besides, the solution included several ways of exchanging data between the ERP and Warehouse systems ensuring accuracy, and consistency.


The solution enabled the client to integrate all its internal processes, and have all data of the entire enterprise in one place, or speaking in numbers:

  • Improved end-to-end order processing speed by 50%
  • Improved speed for development by 60%
  • Improved communication within the enterprise by 70%

To sum up, due to the data connections, applications, and speed, supply chains are quite complex for handling. In cases like the one that we have described, a centralized business process management solution is a must for an efficient supply chain.

If you want to learn more about it, you can contact us or our partner SnapLogic, and you can watch the video of the presentation. If you have any questions, you can contact us via the form below.

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