The Importance of S-P-E-E-D to Cloud Application and Data Integration

This week we introduced the SnapLogic Integration Cloud, which focuses on the importance of speed when it comes to an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Historically when enterprise IT organizations, not to mention the business, think about the topic of integration, words like ?painful?, ?complex?, ?expensive? and ?slow? come to mind. In the cloud, this perception simply can?t be a reality. Here?s how SnapLogic?s founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon puts it:

?In the 1,000 application enterprise and an API economy, integration has to run at the speed of the cloud. The dilemma for enterprise IT organizations is that their legacy integration technologies were built before the era of big data, social, mobile and cloud computing and simply can?t keep up.?

How about this for a definition of S-P-E-E-D for cloud integration:

  • Simple: The user experience must allow the ?citizen developer” to get access to relevant information quickly.
  • Powerful: There must be one integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for real-time orchestration across multiple systems and batch-oriented data integration for analytics.
  • Elastic: Integration built to take advantage of the cloud and scale out as needed.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Extensive connectivity, advanced administration and security, high availability, proven performance, flexible developer options and open standards – these are iPaaS must haves.
  • Deployment Flexibility: The ability to support cloud-to-cloud and hybrid use cases that require cloud-to-on-premises integration.

At SnapLogic, we believe cloud integration must be Fast, Multi-Point and Modern. Be sure to join us for an interactive webinar next week to learn more about the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Winter 2014 release.

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