Want to be cool? Learn Facebook, Want a career? Learn REST

Not long ago someone blogged: Want to be cool? Learn REST. Want a career? Learn WS-*.

I know this to be untrue: In my entire life I’ve never been one of the cool kids, and I still don’t have a Facebook account, but I did learn REST. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

I’m not dumb enough to make a statement as outrageous as this:

Everyone will have to use WS-* commercially if they want to interact with systems from the major software vendors.

I’m not saying its right, just that its reality.

But I will say that the REST drumbeat seems to be reverberating to the point where if you’re not seriously considering REST as a fundamental element of your web services strategy, you’re probably going to regret it.

I’m not sure what has triggered this. Perhaps it was the release of Sam Ruby’s new book on RESTful Web Services, which is getting rave reviews.

Or perhaps its just the recognition of the obvious: web services ought to look more like the web.

Something big is happening, I can feel it.

Turns out the Facebook Platform is indeed REST, so maybe I’m cooler than I think.

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