Welcome to the Morning After: Curing the SaaS Hangover

New research from the Society for Information Management (SIM) verifies that the growing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications is creating a new obstacle: integrating these new solutions together, and to existing on-premise applications. Aware of this emerging pain?call it the SaaS hangover– top enterprise SaaS vendors have begun making moves to help their applications more easily fit into the IT mix, particularly for mid-market organizations who lack an IT army to integrate the mix of software applications that make up the technology backbone of their business.

Last week, Salesforce and Intuit announced an alliance to integrate Salesforce’s on-demand CRM application with Intuit’s QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online financial management software, with delivery targeted for 2012. This move highlights the accelerating necessity to address integration in the cloud, but also the choice that companies will need to make in connecting their growing stable of SaaS applications.

Point-to-point connections between apps are a critical step in integrating the cloud, but even mid-size enterprises are harnessing a growing number of new applications and data streams (think mobile apps and social platforms) which will require a more open and extensible approach. To avoid the SaaS hangover, companies will need flexible connections that allow them to couple any number of applications together and expand that number across the cloud and into their data centers.

The SnapLogic platform connects any combination of applications and data sources, both on premise and in the Cloud. We today provide connections for a long and varied list of software applications, including Salesforce and Quickbooks. The growing inventory of the SnapStore includes other leading SaaS apps like Netsuite and Financial Force; on-premise Enterprise packages such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel; and the most widespread Social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Software vendors partner with us to provide the connective fabric that enterprises large and small will require to simplify the adoption of this new hybrid world of applications. And to reap the benefits of tying them together.

As the SIM study points out, without full integration, short-term gains from SaaS will likely be lost. We’re here to provide a simple, standard and affordable way to make sure that doesn?t happen.

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