What Makes Employee Onboarding So Difficult?

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I was speaking with an HCM industry analyst recently and I was surprised to learn that while employee onboarding is one of the most popular use cases HCM professionals face in the modern employee journey, it is often the most complicated to execute. You would think that the most common projects come with proven ready-made solutions to tackle them, but I was fascinated to learn that is not the case. 

Employee onboarding is complicated because you are dealing with really sensitive data that must adhere to so many different regulatory and governance restrictions while also having to integrate with so many disparate applications and systems across an organization. For example, once a candidate has been hired, the HR team first must move the new hire’s personal information from the applicant management system to the HCM platform and then work with the IT team to arrange for their computer and system IDs, and then the employee’s financial information has to be shared with the finance team to set up payments, expenses, and additional benefits. That’s a lot of sensitive data that is being shared with a lot of different groups!

Employee onboarding is a complex process because it touches so many enterprise systems from HCM, ERP, Payroll, Service Management, Training, etc.
Employee onboarding is a complex process because it touches so many enterprise systems from HCM, ERP, Payroll, Service Management, Training, etc.

But this is a problem we’ve helped a lot of organizations overcome, as many of our customers have identified the employee journey and effective HCM a priority. That’s why SnapLogic’s sophisticated, intuitive, and no-code workflows automate full-time and contingent employee set-up, keep employee data and logins secure and in sync across apps, and cut manual effort. We believe a flexible, easy to use integration platform can make the common but often difficult task of employee onboarding much faster, more seamless, and more secure. 

What makes SnapLogic uniquely capable of adhering to strict regulatory requirements is our well-considered platform architecture that ensures we never see our customers’ data, meaning our customers’ data always stays secure and fully within their environment. We have so much experience in this space, we even wrote an eBook on this topic – Automating the Employee Journey for a Changing Workforce.

And as integration software gets easier to use, we see it playing a greater role for HCM professionals as they work to streamline the employee onboarding process while also migrating to more cloud-based architectures. The cost savings of the cloud are immense as cloud solutions from Workday and SAP continue to grow in popularity, and we have prebuilt, out-of-the-box solutions and practical how-to guides to help our customers take advantage of these capabilities and savings. So no matter how difficult some HCM tasks may get, we are eager to help our customers overcome them.

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at SnapLogic

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