How to Expedite Your HR Automation Upgrade

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As an HR professional, you have an important role in this challenging environment to keep employees motivated and to enable them to succeed. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiatives for many enterprises — what may have been planned for 2021 or beyond has now become an urgent priority. One such area is the automation of the employee workflows. 

You may have automated certain aspects of your employee’s journey, such as parts of employee onboarding or employee offboarding, but unless you have automated workflows that power the end-to-end employee journey, you are leaving productivity — and ultimately, money — on the table.

Every industry goes through churn cycles. In the last six months, many industries are hurting such as retail, hospitality, fashion, transportation, and oil and gas, while others are on the upswing such as grocery stores, technology, communications, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. Regardless of your industry, you and your team have seen an impact. 

As an HR team, you have a mandate to accelerate the onboarding of new hires, ensure your employees can access all HR services remotely, have self-service tools available 24/7 so that employees can update critical information, and govern system access related to those employees who are no longer with the company. Not to mention, 6-12 months from now when people head back to the offices, you will have a whole host of other processes to implement. And you’ll have to accomplish all that without adding headcount. 

Sounds difficult. But we hear you and are here to help!

Prebuilt Flows to Automate the Complete Employee Journey

To succeed at this superhuman task, you need the right partner. SnapLogic provides an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that enables you to automate workflows from an employee’s first touchpoint as a candidate all the way through to employee offboarding. We want to further accelerate your efforts to update and upgrade parts of the employee journey with prebuilt flows. We recognize that every industry is different and certain parts of the employee journey are more complex for your organization than average, so we have partners and professional services available to customize these flows to meet your specific business needs.

The first step in this journey is getting candidates through the recruitment process. Recruitment Automation flows get candidate data from recruitment systems such as Jobvite, Greenhouse, iCIMS, and Taleo, manage the offer process through multiple approval layers, and once the offer has been accepted add them to a core HR system such as Workday or SAP SuccessFactors. 

Employee Onboarding flows makes sure that employees are enabled to succeed from day one by automating access control, account setup, facilities management, and training management across various systems of record such as Workday, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, etc.

Once an employee has been onboarded:

  • Employee Data Management flows reduce the strain on your team while providing self-service access to employees
  • Employee Performance Management flows make performance management and subsequent actions a repeatable process in your organization. Think changes to the salary, setup of additional training, etc.
  • Time and Leave Management flows make it a breeze to adjust for vacations and maternity/paternity leave. They also reduce a lot of manual effort by accounting and finance teams especially in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and services industries to handle personnel shifts/hours, consulting, professional services engagement, and generate accurate invoices for customers.
  • People Analytics flows get data from a vast range of HR systems into your analytics stack including cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift or Snowflake so that you can get insights on your most precious asset, your employees.

Finally, when an employee wants to move to another company, Employee Offboarding flows reverse the actions taken during onboarding but also make sure that assets, business relationships, active sales deals, and customer accounts are transitioned over for business continuity and that your company meets its compliance obligations.

SnapLogic provides a powerful platform for your team where you can leverage our prebuilt connectors to many popular HR systems and an AI-driven interface that guides you through data discovery, field mappings, and much more. And just to reiterate, our partners and professional services team can help you customize flows to meet your specific business needs.

Are you ready to expedite your HR automation upgrade? Just click here to get started.

Dhananjay Bapat headshot
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic

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