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A comprehensive employee performance management (EPM) systems not only help nurture talent you have but also help retain your best employees. Traditional performance management systems have often disappointed because they were infrequent and had a heavy emphasis on financial reward/punishment. However modern performance management without automated processes and the right tools can put a significant burden on managers and employees alike.

EPM flows help make it successful. For example, these flows can schedule the right training in a learning management system when a manager identifies a development area for an employee, or when an employee is promoted to a manager, it not only updates compensation in the payroll and ERP system but also sets up the right training for the manager to be successful in his/her new role.

Transform Your Employee Performance Management With Smarter Automation

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

Design an Automated Workflow For Every Stage of the Employee Journey

Automate employee workflows from talent management to employee on and offboarding, without writing code

Recruitment Automation

Automated processes across new and old HR applications to match the accelerated pace of hiring

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Employee Data Management

Reduce errors, improve SLA, and provide higher satisfaction for both employees and HR partners

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Leave Management

Improve employee satisfaction, help managers reduce business risk with automated leave management flows

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Employee Onboarding

Smooth employee onboarding for everyone

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Employee Offboarding

Effortless business continuity and compliance when an employee leaves

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People Analytics

Attract and nurture your employees effectively

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