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When your business relies on skilled professionals, attracting and retaining the right people is of paramount importance. Your employee data is spread across various systems such as core HCM, payroll, performance management, learning management and without an efficient way to pull data, your HR team and business managers are left to make business decisions with incomplete data and inaccurate insights.

With people analytics that leverages data from any system that holds employee records, you can leverage relevant data in real-time to power insights into questions such as who is most likely to leave in your organization, who within your organization is best suited for a critical open position, how can you provide actionable insights to propel employees on their growth path

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

Design an Automated Workflow For Every Stage of the Employee Journey

Automate employee workflows from talent management to employee on and offboarding, without writing code

Recruitment Automation

Automated processes across new and old HR applications to match the accelerated pace of hiring

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Employee Data Management

Reduce errors, improve SLA, and provide higher satisfaction for both employees and HR partners

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Leave Management

Improve employee satisfaction, help managers reduce business risk with automated leave management flows

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Employee Performance Management

Attract and nurture your employees with automated workflows.

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Employee Onboarding

Smooth employee onboarding for everyone

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Employee Offboarding

Effortless business continuity and compliance when an employee leaves

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