Top Automation Blogs Every Tech and Business Leader Should Read

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Automation has become an enterprise priority, and for good reason. It provides the ability to reduce mundane work, tie business processes together, and speed up how fast organizations can move. The benefits of automation include higher employee productivity, better customer experiences, lower costs and increased revenues.

Curious about automation and what it can do for your business? As 2021 kicks into high gear, here are our top automation blogs you don’t want to miss:

AI-Driven Enterprise Automation is the Future, Making Businesses Bionic Today

Imagine a future where all your applications and data seamlessly integrate, delivering a cohesive experience across your enterprise with less human effort and more impactful results. Where workflows and processes happen automatically, eliminating the mundane and leveraging AI-enhanced capabilities to make better, faster, smarter decisions. Where AI + humans equals bionic superpowers. Not the imagined stuff of sci-fi. But real, grounded scale and speed that cannot be achieved by humans alone.

Five Finance Automations to Speed Up and Scale Your Business

Finance and accounting teams are a foundational department that guides a company’s financial health. Having a firm grasp of company data is imperative to the finance department. This critical data, however, is often buried in departmental silos across the business, requiring finance teams to routinely tolerate manual, tedious data entry. Companies that recognize the value of setting up finance to work faster and smarter understand that when money flows faster and decisions are made more accurately, it translates to a competitive edge. The key to doing this? Automating end-to-end process workflows in finance. 

High Performance Marketing: Embracing Automation for Speed and Scale

Getting automation right is especially important for marketing. By ridding teams of rote, repetitive work, automation can help marketers speed up, scale out, and focus on those impactful activities that will drive the business forward. But how should marketers get started with automation? Investing in low-code, self-service, AI-powered integration and automation, where marketers are empowered to integrate their apps and data and automate their processes and workflows, is the first step to building and scaling a high-performing marketing organization.

Automating Employee Onboarding: Unlocking Faster Business Outcomes

CHROs are charged with optimizing the employee experience as the business digitally transforms to speed up its ability to deliver fluid, connected experiences that drive revenue. The faster and more streamlined you recruit and onboard, the faster you ramp up new hire productivity and drive business impact. Like part of a well-designed machine, HR is core to setting the stage for connected experiences that inspire employees to deliver on customer expectations. Automating the employee recruitment and onboarding experience is the critical first step to achieving this business imperative.

How to Expedite Your HR Automation Upgrade

As an HR professional, you have an important role in this challenging environment to keep employees motivated and to enable them to succeed. You may have automated certain aspects of your employee’s journey, such as parts of employee onboarding or employee offboarding, but unless you have automated workflows that power the end-to-end employee journey, you are leaving productivity — and ultimately, money — on the table.

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