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Teamcenter Snap Pack

The Teamcenter Snap Pack allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your product and automate business processes with ERP, CRM, and manufacturing systems.

Key Features of the Teamcenter Snap Pack

Teamcenter is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system from Siemens that enables you to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your product from inception to disposal. This Snap Pack provides out-of-the-box connectivity for easy integration with your ERP, manufacturing, and CRM applications so that you can synchronize Bill of Material(BOM), manage change, and drive manufacturing process definitions, etc.. Snaps in this Snap Pack provide read and write access to all the standard and custom records defined in your Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

With this Snap Pack, you can automate business processes such as

  • Synchronize BOM, manage change, or manage inventory and budgeting changes with ERP system
  • Incorporate customer feedback from the CRM system to drive product design changes and to track progress
  • Integrate work instruction and process plan in real-time from PLM system to the manufacturing system for production scheduling and performance tracking 

The Teamcenter Snap Pack includes the following categories of Snaps

  • BOM Structure: Add, Create, Get, Remove operations for Bill of Material structure.
  • Classification: Create, Delete, Get, Get detailed information, and update operations on classification
  • Requirement: Download, set, and upload rich content 
  • Project Management: Create, Save as, revise, assign, update, and other operations
  • Data Management: Relate, update, query, file upload/download, license attach/remove, etc.
  • Operations: Start workflow and other Snaps to initiate activities 

You can also learn more about the Snap Pack in the documentation here.