A welcome return to the Constellation Research iPaaS ShortList

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Constellation Research, an analyst firm that covers the IT space, has once again named SnapLogic to their Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) ShortList. As a perennial member of this ShortList, it remains an honor and a reminder of how competitive the integration space has been and continues to be.

Constellation Research founder, Ray Wang, and Vice President and Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen, have developed a fairly rigorous set of criteria an iPaaS needs to make their ShortList:

Twenty years ago, when the integration space and iPaaS started to emerge with the likes of Oracle and then Informatica, and before the internet had become a mainstream business (and consumer) tool, things were much different. Everything was on-premises, integration was such a domain-specific knowledge that the software needed only a limited amount of roles or personas to support, and a platform was sold on a one to one basis through seats and licenses.

Now that the internet and, by proxy, the cloud, have become part and parcel to conducting modern day business, the old integration model has effectively been flipped on its head. Now you have to be cloud-based to scale to your customer’s needs and provide a product that caters to a wider array of users. Creative and fair pricing models – considered folly 20 years ago – are now the norm. And in our case and with the foundation of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, we have made integration so easy that it no longer requires domain-specific knowledge.

Being recognized by Constellation Research is another proof point that we have not only been able to do all of this, but do it extremely well. Here’s how Constellation Research views the iPaaS space:

“The challenges and requirements around data and application integration are quickly changing. For starters, data increasingly lives and applications increasingly run outside of the four walls of the enterprise as companies embrace cloud-based compute and storage capacity, and as they replace on-premises software with software as a service (SaaS).

Constellation Research estimates that by 2020, at least 60 percent of the data that the average organization considers to be mission-critical will live outside of the corporate firewall. Against this backdrop, the Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) is emerging as a one-stop, cloud-based choice for supporting both data and application integration.”

You have to be innovative, competitive, and laser-focused on delivering what your customers need to make it to the Constellation ShortList, and it’s always an honor when we do make the cut. Looking forward to continuing being on the next ShortList.

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at SnapLogic

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