August 2014 Snap Release for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

At SnapLogic, we’re always focused on delivering new Snaps and updating our library of over 160 existing Snaps. Snaps are the building blocks of a pipeline that perform a single function such as read, write or act on data. They are found in the Snap catalog, accessible on the left hand side of the SnapLogic Designer. Drag a Snap from the Snap catalog onto the workspace to use it in a pipeline.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the following Snaps for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform:

PostgreSQL Snap Pack

With this Snap Pack, you can lookup records, fetch data, and execute SQL statements to delete, update or insert data within a specified PostgreSQL table.

JIRA Transition

The latest Snap added to the JIRA Snap Pack, JIRA Transition, adds support for performing a transition on a JIRA issue by supplying the updates in an input document.

SAP IDoc Listener

The SAP Snap Pack was expanded with the SAP IDoc Listener. This Snap receives SAP IDoc requests and sends the IDoc data contained in the requests to the output view.

Beta Releases

The following Snap Packs are available as Beta Releases:

  • Reltio Snap PackRead, write, and delete resource objects in Reltio.
  • Xactly Snap Pack: Support for searching Xactly is available.

With the August 2014 Snap Release, we are also delivering minor updates and fixes for Oracle Stored Procedure, File Reader/Writer/Delete, Multi File Reader, ZipFile Read/Write, Fixed Width Parser. These updates will be pushed this evening, with no required down time. Look for the Release Notes at the time of release for more information. We also have some additional resources below for you to check out:













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