BI in the Sky: The New Rules of Cloud Analytics Tools

2014_FB_ArticleLinkPosts_484x252Last week we wrote about the big news at Dreamforce 2014: Cloud Analytics in the Spotlight: Riding the Wave at #DF14. SnapLogic also hosted a webinar with David Glueck from Bonobos as our featured speaker: BI in the Sky: The New Rules of Cloud Analytics. David is the founder of the data science and engineering team at Bonobos, which is the largest e-commerce-born apparel brand in the US. A seasoned analytics guru, prior to joining Bonobos, David has held business intelligence roles at Groupon, Netflix, HP, Knightsbridge Consulting, Cisco.

He summarized the three primary reasons Bonobos was an early cloud analytics adopter as speed, flexibility and scale. With the benefit of being born in the cloud and remaining cloud first from an IT infrastructure perspective, Bonobos relies upon the SnapLogic platform to pull data from multiple cloud services, CSVs, APIs, and databases and pushes it into multiple cloud analytics tools, including GoodData, Amazon Redshift, Tableau, Gecko Board, and Python.

Early in the discussion David stated: “I would rather work with the business than with the hardware.” His focus on insights, alignment and business outcomes instead of tools and technology really came through in his presentation. Just take a look at his advice if cloud-based business intelligence is something your organization is considering:

  • Pick the high value use case first
  • Know what you need to get an A in
  • Know what you want to accomplish and why
  • Think like an investor

I’ve embedded the presentation below. You can watch the entire webinar with interactive Q&A here. And if you want to learn more about how SnapLogic powers cloud (AWS Redshift, Salesforce Analytics Cloud, etc.) and big data (Cloudera, Hortonworks) analytics, be sure to check out our Analytics Solutions page.

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