Elastic iPaaS at the Heart of Enterprise Cloud Integration

To really understand the term “Integration Platform as a Service” (iPaaS), it’s important to acknowledge the various Social, Mobile, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud and Internet of Things (SMACT) initiatives that many businesses have implemented, and that subsequently require a fast, SaaS-friendly integration solution. To satisfy this need for integration (and cloud speed), a modern integration platform – iPaaS – fulfills the following:

  • Fast to deploy and easy to use
  • Able to handle a variety of patterns, styles and endpoints
  • Able to connect to cloud and on-premise applications and data sources
  • Must be elastic in order to scale out as more capacity is needed

Integration Platform as a Service

By eliminating the need to choose between multiple tools and teams for application, process and data integration, the SnapLogic Integration Cloud allows you to instantly access and stream data – regardless of its location, size or type. Making big news recently has been Gartner’s report of the iPaaS Magic Quadrant, recognizing the increasing demands for enterprise integration and evaluating solutions that provide integration platforms in the form of public cloud services rather than software products for on-premise deployments.

As we announced last week, SnapLogic is proud to have been named a Visionary in the iPaaS report. Said SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon:

“We feel our position as an iPaaS visionary validates what we hear from our customers: when it comes to today’s multi-cloud enterprise reality, integration solutions must run at cloud speed. We built the SnapLogic Integration Cloud from the ground up as a native cloud-based iPaaS so we believe we are uniquely suited to meet those demands.”

Stay tuned for next week’s Spring 2014 Release with new features to the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. We’ll also be sharing a webinar that explores our Elastic iPaaS further with an overview of our product and an in-depth product demo. To learn more about iPaaS and each component of the SMACT initiatives, go here, or check out the slides below.

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