Fall Release 2017: Accelerating Digital Transformation

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We are happy to announce our Fall 2017 (4.11) release! This November release expands the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud’s capabilities in self-service and data integration –  and provides the power to advance any enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives.

We’ve heard from customers asking how we can help them increase business agility and digitize business processes more successfully. Today, we’ve delivered many features and functionalities to support their goals. Some of the biggest features added in this release include Iris Integration Assistant’s First Snap Recommendation, self-service enhancements on the SnapLogic platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX Snap Pack, as well as enhanced Snaps for Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigQuery, and Spark.

Iris AI’s Integration Assistant: First Snap Recommendation

Integration Assistant automates repetitive and mundane integrations – and underscores our commitment to augment its capabilities every quarter since we unveiled Iris Artificial Intelligence two releases ago.

Figuring out which Snap (connector) to first drag and drop on an empty canvas can be daunting for citizen integrators. The good news is that Integration Assistant can now recommend which Snap(s) to choose to build out a pipeline. The First Snap Recommendation capability eliminates the guesswork amongst citizen integrators and can dramatically reduce reliance on an IT team. These Snap recommendations are based on the historical pipelines that users across the company have built on the SnapLogic platform, and what Snaps are available in their catalog. For new customers, Integration Assistant will provide first Snap recommendations based on the historical activity across all users in the SnapLogic platform. This enhancement has marked a substantial milestone for us to help our customers move toward more self-service integrations.

Self-service enhancements

User experience is important to our customers, and with this release, we have improved the platform’s ease of use to help optimize efficiency and effectiveness when performing integrations.

Key enhancements fueling self-service include:

  • Error Pipeline – The new Error Pipeline feature simplifies the user interface by standardizing error flow handling. When building a pipeline, all the errors that come with the pipeline will be saved and managed into an error pipeline within Pipeline properties on the platform. The resulting pipeline will be simplified, enabling the user(s) to easily view and understand the pipeline. See the Error Pipeline feature in action
  • Dynamic Validation – With Dynamic Validation, users can make changes in real-time to the expression as they validate on the canvas side-by-side, resulting in less time spent typing expressions and saving repeatedly. Watch video

Expanded integration support for Microsoft

In previous releases, we launched various intelligent connectors, Snaps, for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, letting customers quickly and easily migrate data into Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store. As Microsoft continues to invest in its Azure cloud platform and strengthening its Dynamics 365 portfolio, we see a growing trend of customers partnering with Microsoft and folding these products and services into their enterprise-wide initiatives.  

To support our ongoing partnership with Microsoft, we’ve released the new Microsoft Dynamics AX Snap Pack. In this Snap Pack, six Snaps provide business continuity by connecting marketing and finance tools and other systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Watch the Microsoft Dynamics AX Demo. You can also learn more about our expanded Microsoft integration support in next week’s blog post.

Enhanced support for data integration

For those looking for improved data and big data integration, we’ve got some major updates as well. As we see more customers adopt Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigQuery, and Spark, we have expanded performance, improved security, and more to speed up data analytics efforts.

Some notable enhancements in our data integration capabilities include:

  • Two new Google BigQuery Snaps – These new connectors support loading large volumes of data to BigQuery table from Google storage buckets and streaming batches of data to BigQuery table. Watch demo.
  • Enhancement to support Spark integrations – The new PySpark Script Snap allows a PySpark script to be executed within pipelines. Watch demo.
  • Amazon S3 updates – We have drastically improved the performance and resilience on all S3 writes

Want to learn more about SnapLogic’s Fall 2017 release? Watch our collection of Fall 2017 demo videos. Look for further details in upcoming blog posts.

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