Parquet Read/Write

Apache Parquet is a free and open source column-oriented data store of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Key Features of the Parquet Snaps

Maximize your big data return on investments (ROI) by fully operationalizing your big data. The Parquet Snaps are for business leads who need rich and relevant data for reporting and analytics purposes, such as sales forecasts, sales revenues, and marketing campaign results.

The Parquet Snaps can read and write from HDFS, Amazon S3 (including IAM), Windows Azure Storage Blob, and Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS). Partition Parquet data types in big data environments to manage and create data reports from specific partitions. By pulling data from Salesforce, for example, and storing it in Parquet with partitions in HDFS, visualize and understand the meaning of the data that pertains to specific time frame, and potentially identify outliers in said data. The Parquet Reader and Writer support Kerberos authentication and HDFS zone encryption.

Parquet Read/Write Application Integration

The Parquet Snaps include:

  • Writer
  • Reader

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