Overview of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud January 2014 Update

We are again excited to announce our latest update to the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. As part of our ongoing commitment to listen to customer feedback and deliver features with the Agile methodology, we will be performing an update this week.

The complete list of features in this release and past releases can be found in the Release Notes, with highlights below.

Assets and Hierarchy

SnapLogic introduces a robust Enterprise-grade hierarchical model to organize and provide access control to all system assets: Pipelines, Files, Accounts, and Tasks. The new access control provides a simple and consistent permissions experience across all assets. Permission may be granted to users as in the previous permission model but now also supports groups.  Administrators may now create and manage access control through groups rather than individual permissions.

Monitoring and Management Dashboard

The new SnapLogic Integration Cloud Dashboard provides a performance management view of your integration pipelines and your Snaplexes.


New navigation header for Designer, Manager and Dashboard

You can now access each SnapLogic module from one browser window.

Account Wizard Added

When you place a Snap that requires an account and one has not been defined yet, a dialog now opens to allow you to create one.

Updates to the Snap & Pipeline Catalogs

Snaps are now organized by Snap Pack by default but can also be sorted by Type or no grouping at all. Pipelines are now grouped under the project that they are associated to.


Password Requirements for TrustE

User passwords must now meet the TrustE requirements of containing at least 6 characters, not containing only sequences or repeated characters, and cannot be common words.

New Snaps to Address Your Integration Needs

With this release, we expand your integration access to social media and on-premises tools. See the complete list of new and updated Snaps.

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