Facebook is a cloud-based social media and social networking service. Facebook also offers marketing and advertising solutions for businesses.

Key Features of the Facebook Snap

Use the Facebook Snap to integrate data from Facebook with business applications used in your organization. Gain granular customer details to fuel your analytics applications and make data-driven decisions. Incorporate the data from millions of status updates into your business decision-making using the Facebook Snap. Perform statistical analysis on ad campaigns, receive instant notifications of buzz surrounding your company keywords, and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The Facebook Snap collects relevant information from a user’s connections including their wall, news feed, friends list, groups, events, and albums. The information read for each connection includes name, id, message details, from, to, description, time of creation, link, and other valuable attributes.

Use the Facebook Snap to analyze fan page feeds. It reads information about the entire feed, albums, and events of a Facebook fan page. The Facebook Snap also facilitates a query search using the Facebook Query Language – FQL.

Use the Facebook Snap to get detailed user information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Location
  • Education
  • Hometown
  • Link

Use the Facebook Snap to fetch different connections of a user. Get a list of the following:

  • Friends
  • Feeds
  • Likes
  • Albums
  • Events
  • Groups

Use the Facebook Snap to get details from a Facebook fan page:

  • Feeds
  • Albums
  • Events

Facebook Snaps include:

  • Insights Data
  • Page Data
  • Query
  • Search

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