Bringing Automation to
Human Resources

Automate employee workflows from talent management to employee on and offboarding, all in one platform.

Leading Organizations are Streamlining Their HR Processes with SnapLogic

Automation That Streamlines Human Resources

The SnapLogic platform seamlessly brings together employee data across all your HR applications and data sources to deliver a superior employee experience. Employee onboarding, updating payroll and finance, people analytics, employee feedback, and more become seamless experiences powered by automated processes – all of which can be set up quickly – rather than siloed app data and spreadsheets

Seamless Experiences Powered by Automated Processes

Unlock seamless experiences for both HR and employees, reduce errors, and unlock power of your people by easily connecting data and applications from IT to HR, to finance, to payroll, and more with one unified platform.

Build integrations without help from IT

Leverage our guided interface to discover endpoints and get to value faster with the help of AI-powered integration assistant, all without writing a single line of code.

500+ Pre-Built Connectors

Connect all your favorite applications (such as Workday, Expensify, Coupa, ADP, and Concur) in minutes with the help of pre-built connectors - without the need to pour over API documentation or endpoint schemas.

Transform Your HR With Smarter Automation

Streamline processes, and launch automated workflows in minutes, not days.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the first glimpse into your organization for an incoming employee. Enable the new employee with the right tools, and learning resources so that they can contribute to the business as quickly as possible.

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People Analytics

Your employee data is spread across various systems such as core HCM, payroll, performance management, learning management and without an efficient way to bring it together, your HR team and business managers are left to make business decisions with incomplete data and inaccurate insights.

With people analytics workflows you can leverage data from any system to answer your organization’s toughest people questions.

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Employee Offboarding

Unless employee offboarding is a repeatable process that removes access to sensitive applications and activates the right processes such as backing up assets, your organization is susceptible to lost intellectual property, poor compliance, and even legal and security risk. With automation, make sure that asset transfer is smooth and overall experience is pleasant.

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

Design an Automated Workflow For Every Stage of the Employee Journey

Recruitment Automation

Automated processes across new and old HR applications to match the accelerated pace of hiring

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Employee Data Management

Reduce errors, improve SLA, and provide higher satisfaction for both employees and HR partners

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Leave Management

Improve employee satisfaction, help managers reduce business risk with automated leave management flows

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Employee Performance Management

Attract and nurture your employees with automated workflows.

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