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Accelerate digital transformation. Connect your application and data landscape.

Empower business users and IT faster — with intuitive, scalable, and connected integration.

Security you can trust

Solutions to fast-track digital transformation

Integration needn’t put the brakes on process digitization. Pre-built patterns and Snaps accelerate order-to-cash, hire-to-retire, customer experience initiatives, and more. Collaboratively digitize processes and connect systems, departments, and subsidiaries.

The SnapLogic HTML5 visual designer makes it simple for Line-of-Business users, integration specialists, and IT to snap together integrations in hours, not days or weeks–no coding required. Groundbreaking built-in Iris AI learns common integration patterns and drives self-service by recommending flows with up to 90-percent accuracy. View comparison matrix.

HTML5 Visual Designer for Simple Integration

Transformation power without compromise

Sophisticated, yet intuitive transformation power enables migration of hand-coded or legacy integration. Total support for complex transformations, conditional operations, triggers, parameterization, aggregation, and reuse. Get truly data-driven, immediate results, while maximizing flexibility and productivity with a blazing fast platform capable of processing more than 1.4 billion transactions per hour.

Built-in governance, security, and monitoring

Agile data integration needn’t compromise governance and security. Centralized object level, granular security and permissions enable integration to be extended to every corner of the organization. Integration performance, user activity, and endpoint utilization monitoring ensure operational integrity with 99-percent uptime. Learn more about SnapLogic Security & Compliance.

Built-in Security for Operational Integrity

Hybrid application and data landscapes – unified

The Snaplex architecture connects data across complex and evolving hybrid enterprise landscapes. Cloudplex unites cloud applications and databases. Groundplex liberates on-premises investments from behind firewalls. And eXtremeplex autoscales transient BDaaS clusters on-demand.

One platform: Streaming. Real-time. Batch. Event-driven.

SnapLogic’s document-based JSON and REST-based parallel processing architecture manages real-time streaming data for application and business process integration. Scale high-volume batch integration and aggregation for data warehousing and analytics.

Connectivity to every endpoint: Apps, data, things

Connecting endpoints is as easy as drag and drop. More than 450 Snaps connect with ERP, CRM, HCM, Hadoop, Spark, analytics, identity management, social media, online storage, relational, columnar, and key-value databases and technologies such as XML, JSON, OAuth, SOAP, and REST.

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“After evaluating many options in the market, we chose SnapLogic because it was built for the cloud, supports hybrid cloud application and data integration, gives us the ability to scale by building and managing integration more quickly, and offers a user interface that is easy to use.”

– Elizabeth Hayes, Deputy CIO at Vassar College

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