Resumable Pipelines

Exactly-once guaranteed data delivery

Having guaranteed data delivery is integral for many organizations. SnapLogic Resumable Pipelines overcome network and endpoint failures and provide the benefits of exactly-once guaranteed delivery for data as needed.

SnapLogic Resumable Pipeline Diagram

When an endpoint is down, a Resumable Pipeline will go into a suspended state. From there, suspended pipelines can be resumed from point of failure when the endpoint is back online.

Guaranteed delivery that optimizes time and resources

As companies modernize and bring more services into the integration fabric, resilience and guaranteed delivery become more important for the integration layer. There are many reasons why an endpoint gets disrupted. It could be that a service is overloaded, interrupted, degraded, undergoing maintenance, or some other reason. In any case, when Resumable Pipelines encounter a problematic endpoint, they enter a suspended state instead of outright failing. When the endpoint is restored, the pipeline may be resumed from the point of failure without restarting from the beginning. This ensures that important messages can be delivered and re-delivered until successful and that critical processes and transactions are not lost.


February 2019 Release: SnapLogic Resumable Pipelines


More choices: Guaranteed delivery and/or real-time integration

Resumable Pipelines allow you to select the option that best meets your needs. Organizations that need both real-time integration and guaranteed delivery capabilities can continue to use SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines. But not everyone needs both of those capabilities together. That’s why we offer Resumable Pipelines for those who want guaranteed delivery only.

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Guaranteed delivery with SnapLogic Resumable Pipelines


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