SnapLogic Customer Success

Partnering for your success. Every step of the way.

Onboarding. Health-checks. Go-live support. Value delivery.
Introducing your SnapLogic Herocommitted to your integration support success.

Your SnapLogic Hero. Our Customer Success Commitment

Every SnapLogic customer gets a SnapLogic Hero, an assigned SnapLogic expert who’ll work with you from day one and throughout your customer journey. You can rely on your Hero for collaboration and ensuring you’re getting the most out of everything SnapLogic has to offer.

Onboarding. Working with You from Day One

From the point you become a customer, we’ll review your project goals, application and data landscape. With cloud delivery, we’ll instantly provision your SnapLogic account so you can get hands-on, fast. Your SnapLogic Hero will work with you to create a personalized training plan and health-check itinerary.

Accelerating Success at Every Stage

Your SnapLogic Hero will be there for your team. From conducting periodic health-checks at the right cadence, to ensuring we’re communicating new features, capturing feedback and enhancement requests, helping accelerate new initiatives with integration, and measuring value along the way, you can count on us.

Helping You Get the Most Out of SnapLogic

As you go-live with new integrations, we can provide business user, IT, or developer training. Looking to use SnapLogic with new apps, new data types, and new business initiatives? Your SnapLogic Hero is there to work with you and coordinate with the team.

“Northgate Markets is enjoying fast and steady growth, and we rely on a strong foundation of enabling technologies. Working with SnapLogic has enabled us to make better use of both our on-premise and cloud applications and drive greater benefits from our overall investments.”

-Harrison Lewis, CIO

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