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Anti-Slavery Policy

Anti-Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Child Exploitation

SnapLogic, Inc, and its subsidiaries, (“the Company”) strictly prohibits the use of slavery in its operations. The Company has and will continue to be committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at ensuring that slavery is not taking place anywhere within our organization or within the operations of our supply chain and partnerships. The Company further condemns all forms of human trafficking, forced labor, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The Company supports every person’s right to safety and security, especially children, who are most vulnerable. The protection of children and other vulnerable populations from exploitation is a moral imperative, and socially responsible policies and practices must reflect this principle. The Company will strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of slavery, forced labor, human trafficking of any human and specifically the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any such instances of exploitation of which the Company becomes aware that its employees, partners, or suppliers have become a party to.

No employee may:

  • Use or allow the use of any of the Company’s facilities, resources or equipment (including the Company’s computers and networks) for the viewing, storage, distribution, promotion or other use of materials in which children are depicted as engaging in any sexual act or are otherwise made an object for prurient interests;
  • Use or allow the use of any of the Company’s facilities, resources or equipment (including the Company’s computers and networks) for any communication or transaction related to an escort service or prostitution even if such services are legal.
  • Enter into, on behalf of the Company, or otherwise, any business relationships or any other arrangement with any organization or person, which the employee has reason to believe participates in any way in slavery, forced labor, human trafficking, or the commercial sexual exploitation of children; or

All employees must be vigilant and immediately report to the People Team, as appropriate, all situations that come to their attention in the Company’s premises or businesses where forced labor, human trafficking or and the commercial sexual exploitation of children is suspected or appears to be intended. Under no circumstances may the Company’s funds, property (including electronic devices and the Company’s supported technology) or personnel be used to further or support activities that may involve slavery, human trafficking and/or child exploitation.