Automating Customer Success Processes With SnapLogic

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Bringing on a new customer often involves sharing information across teams and creating new records and accounts on various systems. As your Sales team is finalizing a customer opportunity, your Customer Success team is likely starting the customer onboarding process, including designating their Customer Success Manager (CSM), meeting the customer point of contact, establishing support accounts or training sessions. While what exactly is involved in that transition may vary from company to company, there are likely some common tasks across companies that would save your team time if these tasks were automated.

In the latest edition to our eCatalog series, SnapLogic Pipeline eCatalog, Volume 4: Customer Success, we look at ways to improve some of your Customer Success business processes through automation.

Much of what you do will depend on what systems your teams use. If your Sales team strictly uses Salesforce or NetSuite for the customer relationship management, but your Customer Success team uses ServiceNow, you will need to migrate account information into ServiceNow and keep both systems in sync throughout the time an account remains a customer. By integrating these systems together, you can easily move all necessary information.

As the customer adopts your product, they will likely find features they would like added or an error that should be corrected. Your CSMs likely will take notes in their account records in whatever customer relationship management tool they are using, but that information also needs to be sent to Support for triage or the product team for enhancement consideration. Manually moving data to the systems the other teams use is tedious and error prone. By integrating these systems, information can make it to development sooner and the CSMs can receive updates as the tickets move through the development cycle.

In the end, the more of the repetitive tasks in your business processes that you can automate, the more time your employees can spend  on your business and building out relationships with your customers. To see the rest of our eCatalog series on Enterprise Automation, visit:

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