Beyond the Big Data Hype: A Discussion with SnapLogic’s Chief Scientist

LinkedIn_Posts_180x110Yesterday Hortonworks announced plans for an IPO in 2015 and the big data buzz machine was in full force. Check out some of the headlines:

Personally, I’d like to congratulate my friends at Hortonworks on the exciting news. Professionally, I’d like to note that SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform has been certified on Hortonworks 2.1 (as well as Cloudera 5) and we’re continuing to see more and more opportunities to expand our iPaaS solution to be able to address both streaming application integration use cases (see our recent news about SAP Netweaver certification here) and big data integration requirements. Last week, our monthly interactive webinar featured an interview with our Chief Scientist (and University of San Francisco professor), Greg Benson. The webinar was a great opportunity to discuss with Greg Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce and Spark. We also addressed how, as the organizing principles of managing big (and small) data are in the midst of being re-written, there continues to be a lot of confusion in the market. Ultimately, the question we sought to answer was: What role will traditional extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tools play when it comes to big data analytics?

We also talked about trends in the market, the impact of Spark and use cases we’re seeing for a more flexible integration platform as a service (iPaaS), while diving further into the following topics:

  • A Hadoop 2.0 primer
  • Why big data integration? Why now?
  • What’s different and what’s next

Check out the presentation slides below, take a look at the recording here and stay tuned for more on what’s going on in the world of Big Data.

Category: Data
Topics: iPaaS

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