June 2014 Snap Release for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

We are pleased to announce the addition of the following Snaps for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform:

Google-Directory-logoGoogle Directory Snap Pack

With this Snap Pack, you can add and modify users, user photos, groups and org units in your Google Directory. For example:

  • Query users to find all email addresses in use
  • List the group membership of a user
  • Create a new user, group, or org unit
  • Update an existing user’s name and add them to an org unit
  • Delete user photos or an org unit

LinkedinLogoTransparentLinkedIn Snap Pack

This Snap Pack lets you gather information from LinkedIn and provide or modify updates, such as:

  • Fetch a LinkedIn user’s profile
  • Search for people
  • Update or share a status message, and optionally post it to Twitter
  • Join or leave groups
  • Post, like, and follow group updates

Twitter_logo_blueThe latest Snap to join the Twitter Snap Pack, the Twitter Streaming Search Snap, streams tweets based on a keyword.

Additionally, the following Snaps are available as a Beta release:

  • Data Validator Snap (Beta release): This Snap validates incoming documents and their attributes against constraints you define.
  • Hadoop Snap Pack: Reader, Writer (Beta release): This Snap Pack lets you read data from or write data to a Hadoop File System.

With the June 2014 Snap Release, we are also delivering minor updates and fixes for the following Snaps: Google DFA Reports, JIRA Search, JMS and Salesforce.com. See the Release Notes for more information on these Snaps. The Snap update will occur this evening PDT, with no required down time.

For more information about SnapLogic Snaps, be sure to also check out our documentation as well as this post.

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