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Twitter Integration

The Twitter Snap can be used to read peer updates, search tweets using a query string, return statuses of users from different timelines and gather valuable information in the form of each actual tweet and its attributes, such as the Tweet ID, tweet copy or the user’s screen name, location and follower count.

By incorporating the data from millions of tweets into your business decision-making using the Twitter Snap, you can:

  • Perform statistical analysis on ad campaigns
  • Receive instant notifications of buzz surrounding your company keywords
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts

When a Twitter user posts on update, the Twitter Snap collects information not only from that tweet but also from users the original user follows, and the users’ own followers. The information read for each tweet includes the user’s screen name, location, time zone, follower count, count of users the original user follows, favorited tweets, profile, description and other valuable attributes.

The Twitter Snap can also be used to analyze timelines by reading information about the entire public timeline, the timeline of the tweeter in each record and the timelines of those the user follows. The Twitter Snap also facilitates a free-form search of Twitter.

The Snaps in the Twitter Snap Pack can be used to:

  • Get and post direct messages
  • Get and post Tweets
  • Look-up users
  • Query a Twitter Stream
  • Stream Tweets based on a search keyword

Twitter Integration

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