Connecting the Clouds in a Snap

In this series of posts, we’ll provide a deeper dive overview of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. We’ll cover:

You can also download this technical whitepaper to get the complete picture of our Elastic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Snaps: Intelligent Cloud Connectors

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud offers industry’s broadest and richest variety of pre-built integration components, called Snaps. Each Snap acts as a building block of an integration pipeline and performs a single complete function such as read, write, or act on data. The SnapLogic Integration Cloud augments this wide range of Snap offerings with a custom Snap Development Kit (SDK) that allows customers to build their own Snaps that are tailored to their custom data actions or endpoint connectivity.

Read Snaps can consume data from a variety of systems (file, databases, etc.), applications (Salesforce, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow, Oracle ERP, etc.), and protocols (HTTP, REST,
SOAP, FTP, etc.). Write Snaps write data to those systems. These read/write Snaps provide users the ability to visually introspect and browse endpoint services and objects, and easily connect or consume them. Snaps that act on data are typically transforming, enriching, or cleansing data.

Unlike point-to-point integration tools, SnapLogic allows easy orchestration across multiple endpoints in a single flow, called a pipeline. This pipeline can be triggered based on events,
scheduled, or executed as jobs that are called via the REST APIs or invoked programmatically via the SnapLogic application programming interface (SnAPI).

Some of our more popular Snap Packs are:

Here’s SnapLogic’s Director of Product Management Craig Stewart talking about Snaps:

For more information on the SnapLogic Integration Cloud, download the whitepaper here.

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