How SnapLogic and twoday Enable Faster Integration With Microsoft

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“Data is the new oil.” This prescient phrase seems to gain steam by the day. Data has become one of a business’s most vital assets, and data-driven businesses have a significant competitive advantage.

The speed at which data needs to be consumed is increasing. Demand and trends change very quickly and being able to adapt to these changes is critical in the modern marketplace. Increasingly we hear from customers that daily updates are no longer enough. Real-time data is often essential to a business trying to manage finite stock or working with real-time currency exchange rates or responding to an event in a production facility.

We co-hosted a morning of presentations and discussions featuring industry leaders, talking about the journey to real-time analytics which allows businesses to react to changes immediately. Our partners Microsoft, twoday, a shared customer Elkjop. Elkjop discussed their journey to make real-time decisions about data and the need for a complete view of their business data. Using SnapLogic as their data and application integration tool, Elkjop was able to:

  • Create 250 data pipelines in just 3 days, so they could cost-effectively handle increased data requirements
  • Develop 200 real-time dashboards on product sales
  • Save NOK 20 million in integration costs after they were consolidated into SnapLogic’s integration platform

Our breakfast seminar focused on how to get operational data into a data lake or data warehouse in real-time, to make decisions faster. During the seminar, we went from discussing the process and then answered questions about integration, data and analytics.

Collage of speaking and networking at the Microsoft events in Norway and Sweden

SnapLogic + Microsoft + twoday = Faster Time to Value

One of SnapLogic’s oldest partners is Visma Consulting (Now twoday). With the creation of the new consulting business and the shared focus with Microsoft, twoday brings a wealth of experience delivering projects with Microsoft and SnapLogic.

SnapLogic supports integrations with the majority of Microsoft technologies and is designed to provide a low-code alternative to traditional integration solutions, accelerating time to market and reducing costs.We have connectivity for the major Microsoft on-premise and cloud technologies to facilitate bi-directional integration, including:

twoday provides specialists who can boost your e-commerce or customize applications. They are experts in software development and data & analysis – and know all about consulting services and digital marketing. twoday provide Microsoft customers in the region with domain expertise, technology and consulting services, and have successfully deployed numerous SnapLogic projects as illustrated by Elkjop above. I’m super excited to continue our journey twoday and share in more joint successes.

SnapLogic in the Nordics

SnapLogic has recently opened an office in Stockholm with five members on our mighty Nordics team. We have some good brands in Scandinavia including brands like Elgiganten, IKEA & SKF and we are looking forward to joining the technology eco-sytem.

SnapLogic has a proven track record of delivering accelerated Azure cloud and analytics environments. PwC in the US has the largest Azure data lake on the west coast, powered by SnapLogic. We can accelerate cloud warehouse and data lake projects and enable customers to deliver real-time analytics back to the business with less than one-second latency, using our real-time data pipelines.

SnapLogic is a sponsor at Microsoft Build, taking place in May in Seattle and virtually online. Hope to see you all there.

Adam Nash Headshot
Director of Channel Sales Northern Europe at SnapLogic
How SnapLogic and twoday Enable Faster Integration With Microsoft Tools

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