SnapLogic Extends Elastic Integration Platform to Internet of Things

Support for machine-to-machine connectivity protocol allows enterprise customers to integrate IoT data with other big data sources and connect faster

SAN MATEO, Calif. — May 5, 2015 — SnapLogic, an industry leader in enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), today announced the Spring 2015 release of its SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. The new release extends the platform’s cloud and big data integration capabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT) with support for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), a lightweight machine-to-machine connectivity protocol. The Spring 2015 release also adds user experience updates, API monitoring and new intelligent connectors, called Snaps, that allow the cloud and big data integration platform to be deployed more broadly in the enterprise.

SnapLogic Integration iPaaS Meets IoT

  • MQTT Snaps: SnapLogic customers can easily build dataflow pipelines that connect to an MQTT broker for sensors, mobile and connected devices and stream data to analytical and other applications in real time. One of the primary use cases for the new MQTT Snaps is rapidly integrating IoT data with other big data sources and enterprise applications for predictive, advanced analytics and data visualization.
  • Embracing IoT Standards: In addition to MQTT, SnapLogic is working toward supporting a number of emerging standards to ensure IoT data is able to be harnessed and managed effectively as part of an overall data lake strategy. Later this year, the platform will support additional IoT protocols such as AMQP, CoAP, OMA, Lightweight M2M and ETSI Smart M2M.

“The Internet of Things represents the next wave of big data in the enterprise,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO of SnapLogic. “As IT organizations move away from legacy data and application management approaches and toward Hadoop, Spark and the data lake, SnapLogic’s scale-out architecture and breadth of connectivity have become essential ingredients for the modern integration fabric. The Spring 2015 release is yet another milestone for our company as we continue to focus on platform innovation and ensuring our enterprise customers can connect data, applications and things faster.”

Enterprise iPaaS Deployments
The Spring 2015 release introduces a number of updates that enable customers to broaden their iPaaS deployments and move away from traditional extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and enterprise service bus (ESB) technologies that were built for last decade’s integration requirements.

  • Low-Latency Ultra Pipelines: Introduced in February, Ultra Pipelines continuously consume documents from external sources that require low-latency processing of their inputs for real time enterprise application integration. With the Spring 2015 release, users can set up multiple receiving nodes to ensure there is no single point of failure and achieve higher availability and reliability. Ultra Pipelines now have improved error handling and performance monitoring in the SnapLogic dashboard.
  • Public Monitoring API: In addition to an API for managing users and groups, a new public monitoring API has been introduced allowing customers to proactively query pipeline status and take advantage of their existing monitoring tools to track the health of SnapLogic integrations.
  • Lifecycle Management Updates: SnapLogic’s Lifecycle Management allows customers to manage pipeline development, creating and testing pipelines before moving them into production. With the Spring 2015 release, if anything fails during a promotion from development to test to production, the entire project can not be promoted to the next phase.

The Hadooplex, SnapReduce and Kerberos
Big data integration capabilities introduced with the Spring 2015 release include:

  • Multi-instance Kerberos Authentication: The SnapLogic Hadooplex runs natively as a YARN application on the Hadoop cluster, whether it is running behind the firewall or in the cloud. The Spring 2015 release introduces support for multiple instances authenticated with different Kerberos users on a single Hadoop cluster.
  • Hadoop for Humans: SnapReduce pipelines shield users from having to write MapReduce code to ingest, prepare and deliver big data. With an easy-to-use cloud-based designer, customers can create SnapReduce pipelines that now support router and copy functions as well as advanced expressions for more complex processing and analytics use cases.

User Experience Updates
New end-user capabilities added in the SnapLogic 2015 release include:

  • Pipeline Execution Statistics: When users execute a pipeline, a duration chart now provides an overview of where the pipeline is spending its time as it is processing the stream of JSON documents. The Pipeline Execution Statistics dialog displays how much CPU time is being consumed and how much memory is being allocated for each Snap in real time, allowing for optimized pipeline design and improved system performance.
  • Message of the Day: Administrators now have the ability to send a custom message to all users when they log in to share best practices and ensure all users are aware of new cloud integration processes and procedures.

New and Updated Snaps: The Spring 2015 release introduces new Snaps for Anaplan, Google BigQuery, SAP Hana and Splunk. The Salesforce Snap now integrates with CipherCloud’s security and compliance platform and the release also includes many other updated Snaps for applications and technologies including: AWS Redshift, Eloqua, Excel, Expensify, HP Vertica, HDFS, JDBC, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NetSuite, OpenAir, Oracle, PostgreSQL, PGP, REST, SAP BAPI, ServiceNow, SOAP and Tableau.

All SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform customers have been updated to the Spring 2015 release. To learn more about what’s new, visit:

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