SnapLogic Delivers Industry’s First AI-Powered Integration Assistant to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Spring 2017 Release of SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Adds Features to Jumpstart CRM, HR and Cloud Data Warehousing Projects

SAN MATEO, Calif. — May 18, 2017 — SnapLogic, the leader in self-service integration, today announced delivery of its Spring 2017 release, featuring artificial intelligence (AI) technology that promises to dramatically reduce the time and cost of cloud, analytics, and digital transformation initiatives. The first AI-powered feature is SnapLogic Integration Assistant, a recommendation engine that uses machine learning to deliver expert step-by-step guidance for building data pipelines — with up to 90 percent accuracy. Integration Assistant is available at no charge to all customers starting today.

SnapLogic’s Spring 2017 release also introduces new and enhanced features that help customers jumpstart their CRM, HR and cloud data warehousing projects. Specifically, the release includes a new Snap Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration, and enhanced Snaps for Workday, Anaplan, Amazon Redshift, Confluent, Tableau, and Apache Hive. The release also includes new Snaps for encrypting and decrypting sensitive data at a granular field level, providing greater security.

“For the longest time, the common wisdom was that the only way to solve an integration problem was to throw armies of developers at it,” said James Markarian, Chief Technology Officer at SnapLogic. “All of that changes today. With the delivery of our Iris AI technology and the Integration Assistant, we are embarking on a new direction to bring machine learning to data and application integration. Customers now have a choice that uses intelligent software, not manual labor, to make integration fast and easy with no coding. We expect AI will trump APIs as the next big thing for integration.”

SnapLogic’s AI technology, named Iris, uses advanced algorithms to automate highly repetitive development tasks, eliminating integration backlogs that stifle most technology initiatives. Iris learns from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flows across SnapLogic’s platform, determining what’s popular, what works, and what doesn’t work. The “self-driving” software thus shortens the learning curve for line-of-business users to manage their own data flows, while freeing up technology teams for higher-value design and deployment needs.

“SnapLogic’s vision for AI-assisted data integration will greatly assist the citizen developer and data integration developer alike. AI will have a positive impact to an already exceptionally powerful platform, and this is only the beginning,” said Jim Teal, senior cloud solution architect at iRobot.

“Consumer digital assistant technologies such as Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa have given users a taste of artificial intelligence-driven digital experiences that they are eager to see reflected in their enterprise applications,” said Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics, 451 Research. “We therefore expect rapid adoption of SnapLogic Integration Assistant by the company’s customers and await further Iris-based enhancements with interest.”​

New and Enhanced Capabilities in Spring 2017 Release
In addition to SnapLogic Integration Assistant, new and enhanced capabilities in the Spring 2017 release will help accelerate important customer initiatives around CRM, HR and cloud data warehousing:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration: A new Snap Pack is available to help users create, read, and update records in cloud and on-premises versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also, users can delete a record based on account ID and also search with various filter options.
  • Workday integration: The Workday Read Snap has been enhanced with improved performance via advanced settings. The Workday Write Snap now supports bulk operations for many objects and has improved performance from hours and minutes to just seconds.
  • Confluent integration: The Confluent Acknowledge Snap has been updated to support the Kafka Connect API, allowing seamless integration with the Confluent Connector ecosystem. The new implementation greatly reduces potential data losses, and eliminates duplicates by externally acknowledging each message.
  • Apache Hive integration: The Hive Snap has been certified on Cloudera version 5.8 and also works on SnapLogic’s Groundplex with Kerberos-enabled clusters.
    Enhanced Snaps for Amazon Redshift, Anaplan, and Tableau.
  • Field encryption and decryption: The Transform Snap Pack now includes new Snaps to encrypt and decrypt field values for sensitive data, or entire documents, providing a greater level of data security.
    Platform enhancements: Updates to save time and enhance productivity, including Snaplex restart; enhanced Asset Search with Snap labels; network statistics display to aid troubleshooting and performance optimization; and parameterizable accounts that make it easier to automate or dynamically assign environments in a development lifecycle.

SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud accelerates data and process flow across cloud and on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. Unlike traditional integration software that requires painstaking, hand-crafted coding by teams of developers, SnapLogic makes it fast and easy to create scalable data pipelines that get the right data to the right people at the right time. Under the hood, SnapLogic’s powerful data streaming architecture delivers real-time processing with high throughput for faster data movement across the enterprise.

All customers have been updated to the Spring 2017 release of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. For more information, visit

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