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Key Features

Organizations can now protect sensitive data at a granular level using the Field Encryption and Decryption Snaps. The Snaps allow users to encrypt and decrypt field values or the entire document.

A common use case is to encrypt personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) data like SSN, Name, Address, Health Data, etc.

To encrypt and decrypt with input document use the JSON Generator Snap, that passes the values to the Encrypt Field Snap and allows the fields to be encrypted. The Upstream Mapper Snap maps the values to be decrypted to the Decrypt Field Snap.

JSON Generator Snap

To encrypt and decrypt using passphrase account, use the CSV Generator Snap to supply the values to the Field Encrypt Snap which provides the fields to be encrypted. The Decrypt Snap decrypts the fields and passes the required field values using the downstream Mapper Snap.

CSV Generator Snap

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