Confluent Snap Pack

The Confluent Snap Pack produces and consumes messages, and prevents message loss from Confluent streaming platform.

Key Features of the Confluent Snap Pack

The Snap Pack for Confluent makes it easy to produce and consume messages, and prevent message loss from Confluent Kafka streaming platform.

The Confluent Snap Pack consists of three Snaps, including:

  • Confluent Kafka Acknowledge: acknowledges each message externally
  • Confluent Kafka Consumer: reads documents from a Confluent Kafka topic
  • Confluent Kafka Producer: sends messages to a Confluent Kafka topic

An example of getting value from the Confluent Snap Pack is to use the Sequence as the producer where the messages are sent to a Kafka Topic via Confluent Kafka Producer Snap. The Confluent Kafka Consumer Snap would then read one message at a time or a number of messages in bulk from the topic using Confluent Kafka Acknowledge Snap, thereby achieving zero data loss or no duplicates.

Build your integrations faster by leveraging patterns in the SnapLogic community for the Confluent Snap Pack here.

Learn more about the Confluent Snap Pack in the product documentation here.

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