SnapLogic May 2018 Release: Connecting the digital ecosystem

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We’re pleased to announce the general availability of SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud May 2018 Release. Enterprises need to respond to digital insights faster and we continue to expand and update our cloud integration platform on a quarterly basis to help our customers integrate business critical elements of their digital ecosystem.

The May 2018 release includes supercharging our partnerships with Adobe, SAP, and Apigee-Google, and also adding the ability to create a dynamic runtime Snaplex in Docker to assist with highly elastic containerized

We also now provide high availability for Ultra Pipelines and have improved security with Snaplex node whitelisting. We don’t want to leave our UI behind, so we continue to make improvements to it for a better user experience for integrators at all levels.

Starting with this release, Platinum support customers can choose when to upgrade their software within 30 days of our scheduled release update time to avoid any disruption in projects underway during the scheduled update. For more information, read the blog post: “The SnapLogic Selectable Update Window – for sustained business operations.”

New integration to Adobe Experience Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud

Powerful analytics platforms that drive digital business decisions help enterprises get the most out of disparate data sources across their digital ecosystem. Our new Snap Packs for the following two industry-leading analytics platforms help customers achieve digital business initiatives faster:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud Snap Pack: Use the Adobe Experience Cloud Snap Pack to integrate data from CRM, marketing automation, campaign management, content management, and marketing analytics systems to the Adobe Experience Cloud platform to provide data-driven custom content to the right channel and at the right moment along a customer’s journey. Watch the demo here.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Snap Pack: Use the SAP Analytics Cloud Snap Pack to integrate data from other SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, and Anaplan to do comprehensive analytics for planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI). Watch the demo here.

Enhanced API Integration and API Management

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) platform continues to provide a best-of-breed iPaaS platform for API creation. We have made it possible for organizations to achieve a connected digital ecosystem by now supporting API management through out-of-the-box Apigee integration and Swagger Document Creation.

API Management with Apigee – Google Cloud

SnapLogic’s new integration with Apigee is an out-of-the box feature that makes APIs created in SnapLogic directly available to the Apigee platform.

Once you have SnapLogic-created APIs available in Apigee you can publish them to a developer’s portal, perform traffic management and monitoring, as well as monetize access from API consumers.

In platform view of creating Apigee API Proxy
Out-of-the-box SnapLogic and Apigee integration allows lets you make APIs created through SnapLogic directly available in Apigee

Support for Swagger Files

And now, APIs created in SnapLogic can easily be published to any API management platform. We have added support for generating Swagger files that document SnapLogic created APIs for use with any API management solution, such as 3Scale, CA Technologies’ Layer 7, Amazon Web Services, Kong, Axway, and more.

New support for Snaplex Nodes in Docker Containers

The May 2018 release provides new support for Snaplex nodes that run in Docker containerized environments. This means that our SnapLogic runtime nodes spin up and down to achieve the same elastic benefits that other microservices running in containers do – meeting the demands at scale rather than being over- or under-provisioned in a more static environment.

New high availability support for Ultra Pipelines

You can now deploy ultra and triggered tasks in two or more Snaplexes, eliminating geographic failovers. After creating Ultra Pipeline tasks that run in a main Snaplex, you can designate a backup Snaplex in the event of a failover. If tasks cannot run in the main Snaplex, then the tasks run in the backup Snaplex, ensuring high availability delivery and using the same URL across all endpoints.

Graphic portraying how REST calls are delivered to a a backup Snaplex.
High availability support for Ultra Pipelines eliminates catastrophic failovers and ensures delivery.

Added support for Snaplex Node Whitelisting

At SnapLogic, we take security very seriously and help our customers prevent getting hit by malicious activities that can impair their business. With the latest update to our cloud integration platform, you can now specify the specific IP addresses or IP address ranges for the nodes you want deployed to a Snaplex. This node whitelisting feature provides security by preventing nodes without an identified IP address or range from being included in the Snaplex. The node cannot be a part of the Snaplex even if it has the right set of keys to enter. Lastly, SnapLogic anticipates being compliant with the GDPR ahead of the May 25, 2018 deadline.

Improved help resources and new walk-through tour

As part of our focus on providing a leading self-service experience, we have provided a “walk-through” tour that provides explanations of the key elements of the EIC platform to help new user become familiar with the environment. In addition, we have expanded the Help tab to make it easier to access the various resources available to our users, including beginner “how to’” videos, our product documentation, and the SnapLogic Community from this single location.

A list of the product resources that new and advanced users have access to within the SnapLogic platform.
New and advanced users have access to product resources directly from the SnapLogic platform

The following image shows examples of the text when users first log on to the platform. Hover across areas of the UI to see the explanation text. You can choose to dismiss showing this feature at any time.

Example of key elements of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud UI and how to assemble an integration workflow on the canvas.
The EIC “walk-through” tour shows users key elements of the UI and how to assemble an integration workflow on the canvas

We continuously improve our existing Snap Packs to ensure that our users can take advantage of the latest features and capabilities from the below applications and data frameworks:

The May 4.13 release accelerates our ability to partner with industry-leading technologies and solutions and helps citizen integrators connect to enterprise digital ecosystems more easily and faster using SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the May 2018 release. Look for more detailed blog posts on each of these new and enhanced features. Stay Tuned!

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