SnapLogic August 2018 Release: Intelligent connectivity meets continuous integration

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) August 2018 4.14 Release. This release brings new levels of integration and added benefits for DevOps processes, including continuous integration and continuous delivery support, new support for container management, added API integration functionalities, and expanded intelligent connectivity – all critical for business innovation.

Iris AI Integration Assistant: Snap recommendations get smarter

SnapLogic Iris AI, the first Artificial Intelligence built for integration, has come a long way since its initial launch in April 2017. Our earlier releases of the Iris AI-powered Integration Assistant offered first and subsequent Snap recommendations to give integrators of all levels a quick start to building integration workflows.

But, as a leader in the iPaaS industry, we understand that you know which endpoints you need to connect to. So shouldn’t integration be as easy as connecting point A to point B? Of course! But what makes integrations difficult is figuring out what is needed in between to connect these endpoints.

The Integration Assistant’s new power lets you start a pipeline by selecting and dropping the last Snap (Point B) of the pipeline and then build your way to the first Snap (Point A). Alternatively, you can drop the first and last Snap and let the Integration Assistant provide Snap recommendations from the left or the right until the entire pipeline is complete. Integrations are easily accomplished by reducing the time spent building the pipeline workflows or automating rote integrations for experience users.

Watch how the Integration Assistant can help you build integration workflows with ease.

Start building a pipeline either from the start or from the end of a pipeline. Once endpoints are selected, the Integration Assistant provides recommendations to help build out the Snaps in the middle.
You can now start building a pipeline either from the start or from the end of a pipeline. Once endpoints are selected, the Integration Assistant provides recommendations to help build out the Snaps in the middle.

SnapLogic Patterns Catalog

Available since 2014, SnapLogic patterns are pre-built, reusable integration pipelines that can be configured through a step-by-step wizard in the Enterprise Integration Cloud. Once a pattern is selected, all you need to do is provide account information for the platforms and the data you plan to process.

The good news for all SnapLogic customers is that we now have a dedicated Patterns Catalog available in the SnapLogic Community. With full access to these pipeline patterns, you no longer have to build pipelines from scratch. Just look through the catalog and select the pipeline that fits your use case the best and start configuring! Don’t see a pattern that meets your needs? Request the pattern via the community. Anyone in the Community who contributes to another member’s requested pipeline will be recognized.

SnapLogic Pipeline Patterns Catalogue
You can now find Patterns in the SnapLogic Community, grouped into four categories for easy searching.
Learn about what a pattern can do and get tips and tricks before selecting a pattern.
Learn about what a pattern can do and get tips and tricks before selecting a pattern.

GitHub Cloud Integration: Added CI/CD capabilities

In any engineering department, DevOps methodologies are highly crucial in making products and services successful. The stakes are high, especially for companies whose product updates happen quickly and on a regular basis. While we offer version control within the SnapLogic EIC via our Metadata Snaps, we now offer the GitHub Cloud Integration so that you can directly push your SnapLogic assets, including pipelines, tasks, projects, etc. into GitHub Cloud.

Through the GitHub Cloud Integration, we enable automation during dev-test-prod cycles, including testing, version control, and rollback. These additional CI/CD capabilities mean increased collaboration among engineering teams and projects that run more smoothly and efficiently.

See how SnapLogic and GitHub work together in action.

Github cloud integration within SnapLogic EIC
Through the GitHub Cloud Integration, you can check-in, check-out, pull, and commit your SnapLogic assets for version control.

API integration improvements

We are also continually boosting our API Integration capabilities. In this release, we have expanded the API activity view to allow you to monitor and audit API activity. Now you can track all API activity that has occurred within the past 90 days directly from the SnapLogic platform.

Mesosphere CD/OS support for container management

In our last release, we added Docker container support to let Snaplex nodes run in Docker containerized environments. As container adoption increases across the enterprise, we’ve now added container management support through Mesosphere DC/OS so you can run Dockerized Snaplexes in the EIC. Watch the demo video to learn more about support for Mesosphere.

SnapLogic eXtreme: General availability

We’re also thrilled that SnapLogic eXtreme is now available. SnapLogic eXtreme enables a completely managed data architecture for companies that process large amounts of data in the cloud, making it that much easier to obtain a higher ROI from a big data investment.

SnapLogic eXtreme easily processes large amounts of data and performs complex data transformation with zero code, which means you can manage big data environments while minimizing the need for specialists with a highly specialized skill set at the same time. With SnapLogic eXtreme, you can easily manage your cloud data lake on AWS – Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform support coming soon.

Watch our eXtreme video to learn how you can benefit from eXtreme and get the most out of your data.

August 2018 release: example of a spark pipeline triggering EMR cluster.
Once the Spark pipelines are built and executed, the eXtremeplex triggers to initialize an EMR cluster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack

Over the past year, we have increased support for Microsoft technologies – from Microsoft Office Suite to Dynamics Portfolio to Azure solutions.

In this release, we offer the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack with Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Execute functionalities. Effortlessly integrate your sales and marketing data into other endpoints. Watch this video to learn how to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack.

Additional SnapLogic 4.14 Release platform and Snap enhancements

  • Authorization on Ultra Mode
  • Enhanced Dashboard Search 
  • New Reltio Execute Snap
  • New HDFS Directory Browser Snap provides the ability to browse Kerberos enabled HDFS directories
  • Hive Execute Snap now specifies its own JDBC URL
  • ORC Reader and Writer Snaps now support S3
  • Parquet Reader and Writer Snaps support nested parquet schemas
  • Binary Snap Pack now supports expression enabled fields for username and password in Basic Auth account and enabled field for secret key in the Symmetric Fields

Security certification updates and more

At SnapLogic, we take security very seriously and continuously seek new ways to protect your organizations’ integrity and boost the confidence of your customers. Since May 2018, we are GDPR compliant. We also take pride in being certified for SSAE18Type II, ISAE 3402 Type 2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield, SOC 2 Type II, PCI, and TRUSTe Certified Privacy. More information can be found on our website.

Be on the lookout for additional 4.14 Release blog posts from our product team. They will be sharing many of the feature enhancements in detail over the next several weeks. Sign up for the customer-only webinar to learn more about the new and enhanced features we rolled out in the August 2018 Release:

We are passionate about the world of application and data integration and hope you enjoy using these new EIC features as much as we did creating them. Share your feedback over Twitter or let us know in the SnapLogic Community.

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