Social Media Data Integration

Social Media Data Integration

Realize the potential of your Social Media Analytics tools with real-time integration by having your application integration solution run closest to where data is generated. With SnapLogic you can have total social media data integration to reach sound decision quickly and effectively.

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Social Media Data Integration

The digital revolution is causing Darwinism to unfold in front of our very own eyes. Increasing business velocity through technology innovations such as cloud, social and mobile is causing an unprecedented data tsunami. However, more information also means more opportunities. CMOs that don’t evolve to capitalize on these opportunities, including social media data integration, will perish.

SnapLogic has helped many customers turn these treacherous conditions into competitive advantages. Specifically, SnapLogic, the leading cloud integration provider, helps customers

  • Improve business visibility by keeping data fresh on a real-time basis through rapid integration of data sources such as Twitter, Facebook, or with big data and traditional analytics systems. A more comprehensive visibility on your customer data will uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
    Social Media Data Integration
  • Gain business agility by streamlining business operations with integration of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise applications. Seamless end-to-end business operations will help justify marketing spend by connecting the dots between incoming leads and closed business.
  • Self-serve integrations by empowering business analysts to drag, drop and configure integration pipelines. Integrations built by business analysts will help attain the agility that cloud investments promise.

Leveraging the simplicity and prebuilt connectivity of SnapLogic, customers have gained tremendous benefits by building integrations 10 times faster and 6 times cheaper, with or without any IT involvement.

Social Media Data Integration
Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.


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