Core Snaps

The Core Snaps transforms, cleanses, formats, and connects data without the need to build and code integrations.

The SnapLogic Core Snaps, included with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, consist of several sets of Snap Packs you can employ to build integration pipelines.

Core Snaps transform, cleanse, format, and connect data without the need to build and code integrations by hand. To get started, use a series of Core Snaps to build point-to-point and multipoint integrations – connect to thousands of applications and data sources along the way.

Snap Packs included in the SnapLogic Core Snaps are:

Download the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog Data Sheet to learn more how to re-use integration pipelines.

Interested in learning what individual Snaps can do? Check out our demo videos.

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