The CSV Snap reads and writes delimited files including, but not limited to, comma-separated files. This Snap is part of the Core Snap Pack

Key Features of the CSV Snap

Integrate the valuable data from a variety of disparate, delimited files with your corporate decision-making applications. This Snap supports a variety of CSV delimiters, and can be used on both local files and remote resources accessed from HTTP or FTP servers.

The CSV Snap supports read and write capabilities on files delimited by single characters or arbitrary strings. You can configure the Snap to skip multi-line headers using a line number offset. It is important to note that:

  • Inputs can be local files or remote resources served from HTTP or FTP servers
  • Delimiters can be arbitrary strings
  • Skip multi-line headers by using a line number offset
  • If a field in the source being read has no data, the CSV Snap produces an empty string for a corresponding output field of STRING type, or a null value for an output field of NUMBER type
  • If a field in the source being read is missing, the CSV Snap produces a null value
  • If an input record field has no data, the CSV Snap outputs nothing for the field

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