Unique Snap

The Unique Snap filters out duplicate records.

Key Features of the Unique Snap

Organizations have multiple applications that may have data that are identical. To conduct consistent analytics, IT or business leaders need to go through a manual process of deleting duplicate records. Eliminate the time used to remove these records by using the Unique Snap to filter through duplicate records and files.

The Unique Snap can run in two different modes. If the input records to the component are ordered in such a way that the duplicate records are adjacent to each other, then the property “Contiguous Duplicates” should be set to “True.” This allows the Snap to run in an optimized manner and the records can be processed with no buffering.

If the input records have no such ordering, then the property ‘Contiguous Duplicates’ should be set to “False.” The Snap in this mode will have to buffer all the records and reorder them before eliminating the duplicate records.

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform here.

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